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The MPIRICS Academy offers professional, interactive and state-of-the-art courses. Broaden your horizon: When you want. Where you want. At your pace. Explore your learning journey - now.

What to expect?

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On-demand, live virtual, or both

Our courses are on-demand, live instructor-led or a mixture of self-paced learning and live virtual classes for maximum learning efficiency.

When you want. Where you want.

You decide when, where and at what pace you want to learn. We offer maximal flexibility combined with professional guidance.

Accredited trainers and Courses

Our trainers and courses are accredited by the Kanban University or the ScrumAlliance, respectively, to ensure that you reach the corresponding learning objectives and are thus optimally prepared for acquiring a certificate. 

Years of experience

Our trainers have years of practical experience and support companies on their way to become more agile. They understand the issues and are always on the pulse of time. 

Online community

Discuss the study contents and your experiences with like-minded people in our online community. Gain practical insights and get inspired.


Our courses are comprised of smaller sections. Verify your progress by completing quizzes. You are rewarded with a certificate upon successful completion.

 Online courses


Check out our regular virtual live class trainings!

Team Kanban Practitioner

Your compact intro to the Kanban method: highly interactive exercises like simulation, tech back method and "Concept Center" support you to achieve your goals.

Kanban System Design (KSD/KMP-I)

A KMP knows how to take better decisions and how to coordinate their internal working processes in a way to enhance service quality and enthuse customers.

Kanban Systems Improvement (KSI/KMP-II)

You are already familiar with Kanban? Based on the KMP-I training (prerequisite) you acquire the certification for Kanban Management Professional (KMP).

Agile Leadership I

Agility is a major topic in your company? What has to change in leadership work? How is agility applied the right way?

Scrum Foundations

You are curious what Scrum is all about and how it works? Here, you'll learn about the basics of Scrum. This training is a prerequisite for any follow-up Scrum trainings.

Certified Scrum Master

You are already familiar with the basics of Scrum and now want to know how Scrum can help you to become more productive? How can you help your team achieve your goals?

Advanced Certified Scrum Master

You are looking for ways to deliver more value for your team? Become an even better agile coach and improve your facilitating skills.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Scrum from a business perspective: you are interested in agile requirements engineering and want to know how planning of agile projects in Scrum works?

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner

Learn advanced techniques that help you as Product Owner understand customer needs better, identify new product features and deliver products that your customers will love.

Our students love us

The Certified Scrum Master Training was absolutely “mind-blowing” for me. Andreas coveys the learning contents comprehensibly, practical and with an in-apprehensibly inspiring  passion, that leads to an extremely positive group dynamics. I was absolutely thrilled and already have recommended the training several times.   
Angel Ferrufino, 
Co-Founder of CRQLAR
I enjoyed both, a Scrum and a Kanban training with MPIRICS. Both trainings were very enriching for me. The very practical approach and the teaming up to work on use cases allowed me to take away loads of input. I could implement some elements of the training already the next day at work. That’s what makes up a valuable training. 
In my 20 year-lasting IT career this has been the first time I was neither disappointed by the trainer nor the training. Miracles do happen.

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